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About the Forum

World Quality Day is celebrated annually on the second Thursday of November since 1989 when it was established by the European Organization for Quality with the support of the United Nations. World Quality Day is traditionally celebrated with business events focusing on the importance of continuous improvement of product and service quality for the sustainable development of the overall society and state.

In 2021, the international forum World Quality Day will be the main national business event in the sphere of quality.

The forum's goal:

  • Discussion and promotion of best practices in the enhancement of quality and business process efficiency across various industries.

The forum's audience:

  • business owners and managers;
  • quality service leaders, manufacturing specialists, food safety specialists;
  • engineers, technicians;
  • experts from state regulators;
  • representatives of government authorities, public and business associations;
  • students;
  • everyone who strives to improve the quality of the world around them.

In 2020, the forum was attended by 14,000+ people from 21 countries.

In 2021, the forum expects 30,000 attendees.

Forum program

10/November 2021

Time Event
International Practices in Enhancing Business Excellence within Organizations

Quality systems, lean manufacturing, global models of business excellence, optimization of business processes—the entire lineup of tools and methods is ultimately geared towards improving enterprise efficiency, labor productivity, and people's quality of life.
The world's leading alliances for quality and business excellence are the drivers of innovative approaches to business excellence and sustainable development:

  • What new ideas and principles of business excellence are being used around the world?
  • How can a business build a continuous improvement process?
  • Why are national quality awards becoming more and more popular?
  • Why is universal quality the global ideology for overcoming the COVID crisis?
Quality Management in Education on the Threshold of a New Era

Modern education: paradigms of change.
Issues and prospects in the system of quality assessment for education.
Efficient management of the development of modern educational institutions.
Teachers working with a digital educational service: pressing issues regarding the conduct of education in a modern learning environment as a precondition for improvement in the quality of said education.
Gamifying education: current methodologies.

Consumer Rights: Is the Customer Always Right?

Consumer protection legislation has been in place for quite some time. New developments are made in that legal area quite frequently. And yet, to this day, certain issues remain unresolved and certain concerns unaddressed. Moreover, some of the most recent changes to the law bring with them new challenges. Case law is expansive and contradictory. All these factors affect both consumers and economic entities. What are the persistent questions consumers and entrepreneurs have today? What challenges did the updates to the law introduce? Have there been any documented cases of the so-called “consumer extremism”? How can we tackle these challenges and resolve the aforementioned issues?

Quality in Light and Textile Industries: New Horizons for Development

Light industry market analysis. Light industry market trends. Contraband and counterfeiting. Gray market for certification. State support measures for Legprom.

11/November 2021

Time Event
Wine and Quality

Results from the enactment of Federal Law 468: issues of labeling and product quality, the work of self-regulating organizations.
Results of the audit of Russian wine-making enterprises for 2018–2021: potential and sources of growth for such enterprises.
Russian seedlings, nurseries, and the impact of changing legal conditions on product quality.
Prospects for development in the industry: organic vineyards and biodynamic technologies.

Sanatoriums in Focus: Quality as the Main Prerequisite for Consumer Confidence

Quality as the main determiner of consumer confidence.
National competition for the Sanatorium and Recreational Facility Management Achievements Award as a development driver for the recreational and sanatory industry.
On the Quality Award of the Government of the Russian Federation. On the award for Achievements in the Sanatorium and Recreational Facility Management Industry.
On the EuropeSpa international quality certification system.
Arranging high-quality catering in sanatoriums.
Systemic management of service quality.
Organization and implementation of quality control for services offered in the spa industry.

Manufacturing Organic Products: Answering the Most Pressing Questions

Preliminary results of the implementation of Federal Law 280 “On organic products...”.
The development infrastructure for organic products.
Export potential of domestic manufacturers.
Foreign manufacturer certification.
What measures does the industry need to implement to scale up to the size of its counterparts in the EU states?
Development strategy for the manufacturing of organic agricultural products.

Manufacturing Systems

Business is still not out of the crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses are cutting costs and chasing higher profits. Even established leaders are anxious. Can lean manufacturing offer a way out of the crisis? Have lean approaches changed over the past year? Which tools have proven to be the most efficient during the pandemic? Who has it easier: those restructuring a big business vs. restructuring a medium-sized business? Combining flexible development of new products with a standardized manufacturing system.

Laboratory Tests as the Basis for Confirming Product Quality

Quality concerns in laboratory testing for the purposes of confirming product conformity.
Problems in metrological support for testing laboratories. ISI contributions to the uniformity of measurements.
General conditions for obtaining reliable results when testing products.
Development of measurement techniques for detecting the use of artificial substitutes to mimic natural components in food products.
Ensuring the reliability of the results of measurement using nucleic acid analysis in the food industry.
Problems of testing in light industry. Some proposed solutions to these issues. Experience of INPC TLI.
Some specifics of medical device testing.
Some specifics of food production testing. Advanced product quality assurance at the manufacturing stage.

Quality in the Agro-Industrial Complex

Strategic development planning for food product quality institutes.
Consumer perception of food quality.
Tools for ensuring and improving the quality of food products.
Factors affecting the quality of food products on the market.

A Responsible Supplier in the Social Sphere and Its Foundational Role in the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and National Projects

How to improve the quality of an NGO-provided services?
QMS in NGO: a way to achieve perfection or an outdated ideological construct?
What standards are followed at leading NGOs?
The quality of management or managing quality: what should an NGO focus on?
How do NGOs implement and align themselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Standardization: Challenges and Trends

Standards as the basis for product and service quality. Standards for sustainable development and tackling the COVID-19 crisis.

Food Safety: Dialogue with Network Quality Directors

Quality directors of leading chain stores will discuss quality and food safety requirements for their suppliers.
The session will be of interest to those who already supply or want to become a supplier of a chain store.

Conference: Quality Award of the Government of the Russian Federation: 25 Years on the Path of Business Excellence

Time Event
Improving Quality through the Application of a Model of Business Excellence

Why are more organizations adopting the Government Quality Award's model of business excellence every year?
QMS and the model of business excellence: together or separate?
Why do Russia's leading businesses conduct RADAR self-assessments?
How can the Government Award experts help organizations find additional sources of growth?
Why is the Award's model applicable to any organization, and what benefits can it offer?

Improving the Quality of Education through the Application of a Model of Business Excellence

How did the education industry take the lead in the number of participants in the competition for the Quality Award of the Government of the Russian Federation?
Laureates and winners of education awards: what is the secret of success?
What are the best practices of educational organizations?

Improving Healthcare Quality through the Application of a Model of Business Excellence

How have the top healthcare organizations reimagined their processes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?
Why is business excellence such a great fit for healthcare organizations?
The Quality Award of the Government of the Russian Federation as a driver of development for medical organizations.

12/November 2021

Time Event
Quality and Efficiency in Government Bodies

The effectiveness of the authorities and the quality of the services they provide are often criticized. Business and citizens want greater efficiency, transparency, and customer focus. How do we achieve these goals? Can the Quality Award of the Government of the Russian Federation's model improve the efficiency of the government apparatus? Can “leanness” uproot the bureaucracy? Client centricity in public administration: myth or reality? What standards should be introduced to improve the performance of government agencies?

Plenary session: Sustainable Development in the Face of Global Challenges

The coronavirus epidemic has dealt a significant blow to the global economy and ushered in a new era. Is there a place for quality in the economic model of the future? How does the state plan to support the release of competitive products? Is it possible to effectively manage a company while the restrictions are in effect? Will the concept of Quality 4.0 become a new paradigm in management?

Management Systems: Dialogue with the Developers of Standards

How can you ensure that the sustainable development of your business adheres to your management system standards? How will ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 standards change in the near future? How is the ISO responding to the current crisis? Should we expect standards for flexible management systems? What do the ISO's representatives have to say about all of this?

Best Practices in Business Excellence

Why do the top organizations systematically assess their business processes according to a model of business excellence?
Opportunities and results: is the model of business excellence flawless?
Who is to judge? The role of the Government Award's experts in the development of participant organizations.


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